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Elevators/Elevator Service

The Building is equipped with (7) elevators as follows:

Five (5) passenger elevators, serving the Lobby level and Floors 2 through 11.
One (1) elevator that provides access to both levels of the parking garage (P-1 and P-2).

One (1) service elevator, serving floors P1-11. The capacity of the service elevator is 4,500 pounds. The dimensions are as follows;

Door Height: 82 ½"
Door Width: 42"
Cab Height: 98"
Cab Width: 70 ½"
Cab Depth: 84 ½"

All deliveries, equipment, furniture and freight must be carried on the service elevator. In circumstances requiring the lengthy use of the service elevator (i.e. move-ins, move-outs, furniture deliveries), the tenants must coordinate access with the Property Management Office at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance.

Security personnel monitor elevator emergency calls twenty-four (24) hours a day. Should an elevator malfunction, please call for assistance using the “press to call” button provided in the lower area of the front elevator panel in each cab. This will connect you to Kastle, the company that monitors the elevators for entrapments. Building security will be notified and respond immediately to assist you. Any elevator problems should be reported to the Property Management Office immediately.

Each elevator is equipped with an access control system that restricts travel at all times. To access a specific floor, the tenant must have an access card that has been programmed with an access code for that floor. It is not necessary to use the access card when traveling from the tenant floor to the lobby.

LEED Energy Star