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Emergency Plan

In recent years, the term “Life Safety” has been accorded new emphasis as it affects all aspects of our daily living. In order to keep pace with the hazards of our times and to offer a secure environment, concerned Property Managers and Owners have found it necessary to initiate certain protective measures.

Thus, Hines Interests Limited Partnership has commissioned the planning and development of these Fire Emergency and Evacuation Procedures as an integral element of the Building.

The successful execution of the Fire Emergency and Evacuation Procedures will depend upon the degree of confidence, cooperation, and coordination mutually achieved by the Fire Warden, Deputy Fire Warden, tenants, and the property management staff.

  1. In that regard, each Fire Warden must exhibit an unselfish responsibility toward the common good, i.e., the safety of all occupants within the building. This can be achieved if senior management within each firm will:
  2. Assign responsible personnel to function as Fire Wardens and Deputies;
  3. Insist that the Wardens read and understand the Fire Emergency and Evacuation Procedures and Evacuation Plan in its entirely;
  4. Assure that applicable portions of this Fire Emergency and Evacuation Procedures are adequately disseminated to each of their employees;
  5. Allow Fire Wardens and Deputies to participate in periodic training sessions, so they are equipped to perform specialized emergency assignments; and
  6. Enthusiastically support the overall objectives of the Building's Fire Emergency and Evacuation Procedures.

Tenants are encouraged to include specific emergency procedures applicable only to their individual operation, e.g., procedures to safeguard money, negotiable instruments, original contracts, etc.

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