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When Tenants move in or out of the Building, the Tenant contact and a representative of the moving company must contact the Property Management Office at one (1) week prior to the date of the move for coordination assistance. The Tenant should make every effort to schedule moves for weekends. Prior to the move, the tenant’s contractor must provide a valid certificate of insurance with coverage levels as required by the Property Management Office.

All safes, furniture, fixtures, or other bulky articles shall be moved in or out of the Building only in the manner directed and approved by the Property Management Office. The Property Management Office shall, in all cases, retain the right to prescribe the weight and proper positions of safes and other weighty articles before the same are admitted to the Building but in no event shall the weight of live loads exceed 80 pounds per square foot.

Prior to purchasing furniture or other items, the Tenant should measure the item to ensure that it can be placed in the Building service elevator and pass through the doors of the Leased Premises. Large pieces should be transported in parts and assembled in the tenant space. The Property Management Office reserves the right to refuse the delivery of any object to the Building that does not comply with the above conditions.

Any and all damage to the Building, Building Lobby or elevators shall either be repaired by the Tenant or its contractors at Tenant’s sole expense, or shall be repaired by the Property Management office where the cost of such repairs shall be billed to the Tenant as additional rent under the Lease Agreement.

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