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Janitorial Services


Standard janitorial services are provided five (5) days per week (Monday - Friday), except for certain Building holidays. Standard nightly service includes cleaning common area restrooms, the removal of trash and recycling materials, vacuuming, dusting, the cleaning of surfaces in tenant kitchens including mopping and buffing tile floors, entry door glass and spot carpet cleaning.

It does not include the washing of dishes, glasses, coffeepots, utensils, or the cleaning of refrigerators, microwaves, restrooms and showers within the tenant’s Leased Premises. These are above-standard services and are available through the Property Management Office for an additional charge.

Tenants shall not employ any janitorial service or other person to clean the Leased Premises, other than the janitorial service of the Building, without the express written permission of the Property Management Office, unless otherwise specified in the Lease.

Disposal of any item that will not fit into the usual trash receptacles should be coordinated through the Property Management Office during office hours. The Property Management Office will generate a work ticket to have the trash removed. Important papers, boxes, maps, plans, and the like, should not be left on or near waste baskets and recycling bins, for fear that they will be mistaken for trash.

Cardboard boxes intended for disposal must be flattened and stacked within the Leased Premises and clearly marked "trash" or “basura” (Spanish for “trash”) in order for them to be removed. To have these removed during the day, call the Property Management Office. A member of the Housekeeping staff will be dispatched to assist you.



  • Offices vacuumed.
  • Common areas dusted, vacuumed.
  • Waste and recycle receptacles emptied.
  • Carpeted areas vacuumed.
  • Smudges removed from entry door glass.
  • Stairwells and uncarpeted areas swept.
  • Common area Restrooms cleaned and disinfected.
  • Tile floors mopped and buffed (2 times per week).

Performed Periodically or as Required:

  • Waste receptacles washed.
  • Carpet spots removed (if possible).
  • Tile floors stripped and waxed.
  • Light fixtures dusted.
  • Mecco shades vacuumed/ dusted.


Monday – Friday: 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM. There are two full time employees available during the day to assist tenants with housekeeping needs.


Monday – Friday: 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM. Weekend hours are occasionally used to perform project work.


Above-standard cleaning services are available at an additional time and material charge by contacting the Property Management Office. Above standard cleaning services include carpet shampooing, cleaning restrooms/showers located within the leased space, cleaning the interior surfaces of microwaves and refrigerators, polishing furniture, maid service, cleaning clerestory glass, etc.


It is Hines’ intent to provide the highest quality janitorial service. In order to do that communication is vital and the Property Management Office must be kept informed if the janitorial service is not meeting the tenants’ needs. Should you experience any problems with the quality of the housekeeping in your office suite, please request your Tenant Contact to notify the Property Management Office at (202) 872-1435 to address the situation.

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