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Medical Emergencies

Upon receiving notification that there is a "Medical Emergency," call 911 and report the emergency.

Call the Property Management Office at (202) 872-1435 with the following information:

  1. Nature of the Medical Emergency.
  2. Exact location and name of the sick or injured person.
  3. Whether an ambulance or Doctor has been notified. (This call should be made prior to calling the Property Management Office.) If not, the Property Management Office will contact 911 and assist in their entrance to the building, if necessary.
  4. If the sick or injured person requests that you call their Doctor, please do so and notify the Property Management Office so assistance can be given to the Doctor when entering the building.
  5. Assign one of your employees to stand by the entry door on the floor where the sick or injured person is located to meet the Doctor and/or ambulance attendants at the elevator, and guide them to the sick or injured person.
  6. If the sick or injured person is to be sent to the hospital, try to send a friend or fellow employee along to comfort the person and help him/her at the hospital until a relative arrives.

Following the conclusion of the Medical Emergency:

  1. Consult with your employees and determine if they encountered any special problems or incidents during the performance of their emergency duties.
  2. For future reference by the Property Management Office, prepare a brief written report of your efforts and actions in response to the emergency, including any special problems or incidents that you encountered, and submit the Tenant Reports to the Property Management Office as soon as possible, retaining a copy for yourself.
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