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Rooftop Rules and Guidelines

The intent of the Rooftop is to offer a large overflow space for those Tenants who occasionally require a large gathering area beyond that of their own suite space. Please bear in mind that there are other Tenants within the building during normal business hours and beyond those hours, and that the users of the rooftop should be considerate of other building occupants during their rooftop event. The Rooftop is not intended to be a low-cost substitute for large or complex meetings and banquet events that would be better served by the hospitality industry. The capacity of the Roof Deck is approximately 360 people. These rules and guidelines are provided to ensure a safe, pleasant and functional setting for all Tenants utilizing the Rooftop and conducting business within the building.

The following rules and procedures governing Rooftop events at 1200 19th Street have been established by the Property Management Office and are intended as guidelines within which Tenant sponsored events must operate.

Air Conditioning During non-business hours, Landlord will charge an hourly fee to provide air conditioning for rooftop event.
Alcohol In order to protect the carpet and the stone floor, no red wine may be served. All White wine and beer is permissible. If alcohol is served by tenant and/or caterer, the tenant and caterer should include host liquor liability on their certificate of insurance. Tenants who disregard the alcohol policy are subject to additional restrictions for the future use of the rooftop. Proof of liability will need to be provided upon 48 hours of event.
Animals No animals are permitted in the building except those assisting the disabled.
Caterers Tenants should ensure that their caterers understand the Rules and Guidelines for the rooftop and ensure that their caterers abide by them. Caterers who disregard the Rules and Guidelines are subject to possible restrictions, including restrictions from being permitted to cater a Rooftop event. All caterers must supply a Certificate of Insurance prior to arriving at 1200 19th Street. Tenants should contact the Property Management Office for further information regarding Certificates of Insurance. All caterers must use the freight elevator through the loading dock. No deliveries will be permitted in the main lobby. If caterers require access to the loading dock at any time other than between 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday, then a Security Officer may be required to open and watch the Loading Dock. Should a Security Officer be required, the cost would be billable to the Tenant. [See the Security Officer section].
Clean-Up Tenants are responsible for the coordination and expenses of all Rooftop clean-up unless special arrangements have been made in advance with the Property Management Office. If Tenant fails to clean the Rooftop, then Landlord, through use of Landlord’s building janitorial contractor, reserves the right to clean the Rooftop and to invoice Tenant for said clean-up at Landlord’s cost, plus an administration fee of fifteen percent (15%).
Deliveries All deliveries associated with the set-up, implementation, and teardown of the Rooftop events must be routed through the Loading Dock through use of the penthouse & freight elevator. [See the Elevator section.]
Displays The walls, columns, doors, and windows may not be used to display or hang decorations, signs or presentation materials. Any damage occurring from such displays will be repaired by Landlord and will be billed back to the Tenant.
Elevator Use All equipment and food deliveries for Rooftop events must be made using the freight elevator. The freight should be taken to the tenant’s respective floor then transfer the equipment//food to the penthouse elevator (elevator 1). Passenger elevator cannot be used at anytime for deliveries.
Food Preparation No open flame is permitted in the Rooftop. Sparklers, etc., are not permitted. There is a pantry room available for your rooftop events. Please coordinate with Property Management office to unlock this room prior to your event.
Furniture and Equipment Tenants need to procure and supply their own furniture and equipment for all Rooftop events. Examples of furniture and equipment would include: tables; linens; chairs; easels, etc. In the event, building furniture is used and/or borrowed any damage fees will be incurred by the tenant.
Insurance Please contact the Property Management Office to obtain the certificate of insurance requirements for your vendors. (202) 872-1435.
Occupancy Landlord reserves the right to limit the size and scope of any Rooftop event should Landlord reasonably determine that the size or scope of the event exceeds the capacity, intent, or safety of the facilities.
Parking for Guests Parking Garage is open until 10:00 PM M-F, Should the hours of the parking garage not meet your rooftop event, Tenant should contact Property Management Office for other arrangements.
Restrooms One unisex restroom is available on the Rooftop.
Scheduling All scheduling of the Rooftop occurs on a first-come first-serve basis and must be made in writing, or by email, in advance with the Hines Property Management Office. Tenants may contact the Hines Property Management Office to determine the availability of the Rooftop, but an event is not officially scheduled until a written request (event check list form is attached) has been submitted to the Hines Property Management Office located at 1200 19th Street on the 9th floor, and the Hines Property Management Office has confirmed the reservation. The event check list form should include the following information: date of event, hours of event, number of guests, and purpose of event, name of caterer, if intending to serve alcohol, and any special request necessary. Tenants must provide a minimum of ten (10) days prior notice to reserve the Rooftop.
Security Officers If a Security Officer is required for an event, then the sponsoring Tenant firm will be invoiced for the Security Officer(s) required. The cost shall be at the then prevailing contract rate for security service (through Landlord’s security contractor) plus an administration fee, notwithstanding the rate previously agreed upon by both Tenant and Hines. Tenants will be invoiced for a minimum of four hours for a Security Officer. All services requiring a Security Officer for an event associated with the Rooftop must be scheduled at least four business days in advance.
Smoking 1200 19th Street is a non-smoking building. Therefore, smoking is not permitted on the Rooftop. Tenants who disregard the Building and Rooftop smoking policy are subject to additional restrictions for the future use of the Rooftop.
Sponsor/Tenant All Rooftop events must be “sponsored” by a Tenant firm of 1200 19th Street and must be germane to the business of the Tenant firm. The Rooftop is not available for personal use (such as receptions, private parties, and other similar type events). Landlord retains the sole right to use its reasonable judgment to determine whether an event qualifies to be held in the Rooftop. The Tenant shall be responsible for all its actions as well as those of its suppliers, vendors and visitors. No loud, abusive or otherwise offensive language or actions will be allowed. Tenant shall promptly remove from Site any employee, vendor or visitor deemed inappropriate or abusive by Landlord or Landlord’s agent.

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