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Space Heaters

The use of space heaters is not permitted at 1200 Nineteenth Street

  • Space heaters can overload the electrical system causing tripped circuit breakers and loss of power to potentially critical business functions
  • Space heaters can inadvertently cover or come in contact with combustible materials which may result in a fire.
  • Space heaters can become a tripping hazard
  • Space heater cords are subject to damage and constitute a fire and/or shock hazard
  • Space heaters adversely affect the HVAC system by increasing the ambient temperature, which results in the system blowing more air to cool the space to the temperature set point

Any space heater found will be confiscated and stored at the Property Management Office. When a space heater is removed, it will be tagged with its location and a corresponding note left for the occupant so that they may retrieve it from the Property Management Office. If the space heater is not picked up within 30 days, then it will be disposed of.

LEED Energy Star