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In accordance with the laws of the District of Columbia, 1200 Nineteenth Street recycles mixed paper, cardboard, glass, and aluminum.

Each tenant is responsible for participating in the recycling program and properly dispensing both recyclable materials and non-recyclable materials into their respective proper collection containers.

Mixed Paper: Presently, the janitorial staff collects mixed paper recycling from each floor from the appropriate recycling containers on a nightly basis. Mixed paper includes white paper, colored paper, magazines, newspapers, envelopes (both with and without windows), post-its, etc. It is extremely important that only mixed paper be placed in the paper recycling containers. Any food wrappers or debris in the containers will result in “contamination” and cause the entire container to be discarded by the janitorial staff in the normal trash.
Cardboard: All discarded cardboard is taken from each Tenant space on a nightly basis. Tenants need to break down (flatten) all boxes and clearly mark the cardboard as “trash” or “basura”. Stickers can be provided upon request.
Aluminum & Glass: These materials are collected on a nightly basis within the Tenant’s Leased Premises.
Batteries: Battery recycling containers will be provided in a copy room on each floor. Housekeeping will collect batteries from the container as needed.
E-Waste: There is a permanent collection box for electronics located in the loading dock.
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