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Fire Alarm Procedure

  1. Sound Alarm by engaging the pull-station by one of the stairwell doors.
  2. Contact the Property Management Office, (202) 872-1435. Immediately describe the exact location, severity, and type of fire. The Fire Department is contacted by the fire alarm monitoring company upon receipt of an alarm.

    During non-business hours, the Property Management Office telephone will be answered by a Security Officer. Inform them of the exact location and severity of the fire.


  3. Fire Wardens should begin evacuation. If the fire is small enough to be controlled by fire extinguishers, use the hand-held chemical fire extinguishers that are located on each floor. Make sure that the fire extinguisher is the correct type for the fire. To operate the fire extinguisher, pull it from the wall and remove the locking pin. Point the fire extinguisher at the base of the fire and spray in a sweeping motion.

    Do not attempt to control the fire if it poses a threat to your safety.

  4. Communicate any specific fire information to Property Management or the Fire Department. Keep calm. Wait for further instructions on any designated refuge floor if one is announced.
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